HomePicoTales: Collaborative Authoring of Animated Stories using Handheld Projectors

People like to create stories together. They may do this while co-located, sitting around a dinner table, for instance, reliving and embellishing a shared experience. They can also now do this in an asynchronous and dispersed fashion, by creating and then adding to a thread of comments and media in a social networking service.

PicoTales are animated stories created by sketching story elements on a projector+phone prototype, and then brought to life by moving the projected image. Movements are captured using motion sensor data, rather than visual or other tracking methods, allowing interaction and story creation anywhere.

In the paper and video below we describe in detail the design and development of our prototype device, and also address issues in position estimation and element tracking.

We conducted an experiment to evaluate the prototype, demonstrating its accuracy and usability for ad-hoc creation of story videos. A further experiment looked at the quality of the animated story videos produced, demonstrating the potential of the system for story authoring.

We conclude by considering possible future developments of the concept, and highlighting the benefits of our design for collaborative story capture. The question is: is it PicoTales, or PicoFails?



S. Robinson, E. Vartiainen, M. Jones, G. Marsden, PicoTales: Collaborative Authoring of Animated Stories using Handheld Projectors. In CSCW '12: Proceedings of the ACM 2011 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, pp. 671–680. (Download paper (PDF)).