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Grants and funding


  • US9041562B2 & US9047059B2: Controlling a Voice Site Using Non Standard Haptic Commands. S. Robinson, A. Jain, N. Rajput

Community, committees, reviewing, service

Theses and related items

  1. S. Robinson, Eyes-Off Physically Grounded Mobile Interaction. PhD Thesis, Swansea University, October 2012.
  2. S. Robinson, Heads-up Engagement with the Real World: Multimodal Techniques for Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide. In CHI 2010 Doctoral Consortium (pages 2895–2898), Atlanta, April 2010.
  3. S. Robinson, Fusing the Physical and Digital: Making Maps using Gestures and Sensors. MSc Dissertation, FIT Lab, University of Wales, Swansea, July 2008.
  4. S. Robinson, A Pen-Based Interactive Graphing Tool. BSc Dissertation, Computer Science Department, University of Wales, Swansea, May 2006.

Selected design and development work

Android apps, all of which are open source (see all apps):

Websites and toolkits, such as: