Dr Daniel Archambault
Information visualization, data science, visual interfaces for machine learning, graph drawing, graph visualization, perception in information visualization, social media visualization and analysis, social network analysis, visualization in the social sciences and the humanities.


Dr Mike Edwards
Research interests include machine learning, deep learning, representation learning on irregular graphs, computer vision and biomedical image analysis.

Mark W. Jones

Professor Mark W. Jones (publications, with downloads and videos)
Photon mapping, ray tracing, global illumination, visualization, kernel density estimation, accelerometry data, transfer functions, probability density functions, clustering, Monte-Carlo techniques, statistics, distance measures, Lloyd’s relaxation, Voronoi diagrams, vector/chamfer distances, volume rendering, data structures (kd-trees).


Dr Ben Mora
Real-Time Ray-Tracing of 3D scenes, The DirectTrace Library, Global Illumination Acceleration, Image Representation.


Dr Alma Rahat
Research interests lie in fast hybrid optimisation methods, real-world problems and machine learning. Current focus is on developing Bayesian and evolutionary search approaches for solving computationally expensive problems.

Photo of Gary Tam

Dr Gary Tam (Publications and Resources)
Research interests include: Digital Geometry Processing, Visual Analytics, Pattern Recognition and Vision, Machine Learning, Multi-dimensional Data Analysis, Information Retrieval and Indexing.

Sean Walton

Dr Sean Walton
Research interests include mesh generation, low order modelling and evolutionary optimisation.

Photo of Xianghua Xie

Professor Xianghua Xie
Research interests include machine learning and deep learning, e.g. deep learning on irregular domain and adaptive learning, medical image analysis, image processing, computer vision, visual inspection, real time processing, big data and mining.

Photo of Xianghua Xie

Dr Scott Yang
Current Research interests include but not limited to: Pattern recognition, Machine Learning, Biomedical imaging, Signal processing, Bio-signal source reconstruction/localization



Photo of Jingjing

Dr Jingjing Deng
Research interests include machine learning, geometric modelling and biomedical image analysis. Left October 2022 to Durham.


Dr Thomas Torsney-Weir
Visualization, polytopes, multi-objective optimization, sensitivity analysis, machine learning, explainable
modelling, regression algorithms, financial data visualization, understanding simulations, image segmentation. Left June 2021 to VRVis, Vienna.

Photo of Joss Whittle

Dr Joss Whittle
Stochastic Approximation, Monte Carlo, Physically Based Rendering, Path Tracing, Image Quality Assessment, Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks. Left July 2020 to Diamond, Rosalind Franklin Institute, Oxford.

Robert S. Laramee

Dr Robert S. Laramee
Data visualization including information visualization, flow visualization, and tensor field visualization. Most of our work is interdisciplinary and involves data from engineering including simulation data, biology, psychology, criminology, medicine, and physics. Left January 2020 to Nottingham.

Adeline Paiement

Dr Adeline Paiement
Research interests include computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, medical and astrophysics image analysis. Left 2018, to Toulon, France.

Rita Borgo

Dr Rita S. Borgo
Scientific visualization, information visualisation, and visual analytics. Human factors in visualisation. Multimedia processing and visualisation. High performance computing. Functional programming.
Left 2016, to King’s College, London.


Dr Phil Grant
Image features extraction and analysis; Facial feature points localisation and tracking; Facial dynamic analysis;
Retired 2014.

Photo of Min Chen

Professor Min Chen
Visualization and Computer Graphics (1987-present);
Video Processing and Visualization (2003-present);
Aspects of Image Analysis and Computer Vision (2003-present);
Interactive Techniques and Multimedia Communications (1996-present);
Left 2011, to Oxford.

Photo of Barry Blundell

Dr Barry Blundell
3D Displays, autostereoscopic techniques, visualization and multimedia, volumetric, holographic, haptic, interaction.
Left 2006, to Auckland, University of Technology.


Ognjen Arandjelović
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
Left to Deakin University, Australia.

Peter Townsend

Professor Peter Townsend
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Computer Graphics, Data Visualisation. Became Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor and later retired (2007).