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Biometric Lab

Equipment in our biometric lab - 3D/4D capture, high speed cameras, kinect

Biometric lab

We are just setting up our new biometric lab with 3D/4D cameras from 3dMD, Point Grey Gazelle high speed cameras, Kinect and Canon EOS cameras. The equipment will be primarily used for 3D and 4D reconstruction experiments by Jason Xie and Gary Tam.

New Xeon Phi Machine

DSC00324Today we took delivery of our new Xeon Phi machine. We have 4 Xeon Phis and 2 Xeon 12 core CPUs making 260 cores in this single PC chassis. Ben Mora will supervise 2 new PhD students working on Physics problems and techniques with this machine. Mark W. Jones will also have a new PhD student that will be able to exploit this machine for ray tracing. Generally the machine will be used throughout the group as a platform for parallel computation using the new Intel MIC architecture.

This equipment was funded by the Welsh Government through RIVIC.