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Mike Edwards passes PhD viva

Many congratulations to Mike Edwards, who passed his PhD viva today. His thesis is titled “Representation Learning in Irregular Domains”. Prof. Reyer Zwiggelaar and Dr. Dima Damen are the external examiners. The viva is chaired by Dr. Adeline Paiement.

Ian Doidge successfully defends PhD

Ian Doidge viva photo

From left: Gary, Ian, Mark and Kurt

Today, Ian Doidge successfully defended his PhD thesis: Utilising Path-Vertex Data to Improve Monte Carlo Global Illumination.

Well done Ian. Mark W. Jones was the supervisor, Markus Roggenbach the viva chair, Gary Tam the internal examiner and Kurt Debattista (Warwick) the external.

Ian’s contributions were published as Probabilistic illumination-aware filtering for Monte Carlo rendering and Mixing Monte Carlo and Progressive Rendering for Improved Global Illumination.

James Walker passes MRes

Today, James Walker successfully defended his MRes Thesis:
Visualization of Large, High-Dimensional, Time-Dependent, Abstract Data.

Well done James and Bob (supervisor). The internal examiner was Ben Mora and the external was Yulia Hicks (Cardiff).

Jingjing Deng passes MSc by Research

Congratulations to Jingjing Deng who successfully defended his MSc by Research viva. He became the first MSc by Research graduate from the department since the very recent introduction of this one year research only degree scheme. His thesis is titled “Towards Human Interaction Modelling”.

Jingjing Deng was under the supervision of Dr. Xianghua Xie. The external examiner was Prof. Reyer Zwiggelaar (Aber) and the internal examiner was Dr. Gary Tam.