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Deliverable 1.1. On-Track Documentation. June 2015.

Deliverable 1.2. DITTO Tool Integration: Basic Prototypes for Interfacing. September 2015.

Deliverable 1.3. DITTO Tool Integration: Towards Tool Interaction and Safety Assessment. June 2016.

Deliverable 2.1. Nodal-based Capacity and Congestion Estimator Documentation. September 2015.

Deliverable 2.2. Scenario Generation for Train Timetabling and Train Scheduling. November 2015.

Deliverable 2.3. Stochastic Optimisation. October 2016.

Deliverable 3.1. Dynamic Simulation for Real-Time Operations of ETRMS Level 3. September 2015.

Deliverable 3.2. Simulation and Control of ERTMS Level 2. September 2016.

Deliverable 3.3. Optimization and Dynamic Simulation. June 2017.

Deliverable 4.1. Interim Report and Prototype. April 2016.

Deliverable 4.2. Good Practice Guide. June 2017. 

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