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Digital Democracy Commission Live Event - 26/01/2015

As part of the launch of the Digital Democracy Commission's Report 'Open Up!', Swansea University's Department of Computer Science will be hosting a live stream of speeches from Mr Speaker and the Commissioners. Followed by an opportunity to ask questions about the report.

The Report is the culmination of a year's project investigating how digital technology can improve parliamentary democracy. (more)

Report Launch at Swansea University

The Speaker of the House of Commons will be unveiling the report, which will be livestreamed through a joint event held at Swansea University. The event in Swansea will be hosted by the secretary of the Digital Democracy Commission, Mr Edward Wood.

The event will consist of talks and discussions around how digital solutions can encourage greater engagement from all parties in democratic societies. It is an exciting opportunity to reflect on the results of over a year's worth of activities by the Commission. (more)

If you are interested in attending the event, please register here.


Monday 26th January 2015 (8:15-10:00am)
Robert Recorde Room (205), Faraday Building, Swansea University

08:15 Arrival (networking and refreshments)
08.30 Introductions by the Vice Chancellor of Swansea University and the Commission Representative
08:45 Speech from Mr Speaker and members of the Speaker's Commission
09:00 Questions posed to the Commission
09:15 Swansea Talk - Speaker TBC
09:30 Discussion and Refreshments
10:00 Close

The agenda is currently tentative and may be subject to change.


For more information on the Swansea event, please contact:

Emma James (Event Organiser)