The event will be held in the Computational Foundry building of Swansea University on Bay Campus. Note that Swansea University has two campuses, which are located on the opposite sides of the city. Make sure you travel to Bay Campus.

Computational Foundry,
Bay Campus,
Swansea University,
SA1 8EN,
United Kingdom.


Local Bus Services

There are various bus services you could use to arrive to Bay Campus, mostly operated by First Cymru. The services mentioned bellow all terminate at Bay Campus, directly opposite of the Computational Foundry. Tickets can be purchased onboard the buses, which accept card and contact less payments.

If you are leaving the same day, it may be worth purchasing a two-way ticket, which is often cheaper than other alternatives, however is bound to the same route in both directions, and it's price varies depending on the start and end points.

If you would like some more flexibility, you can purchase an "Adult day ticket" for £4.70, which allows you to use any service operated by First Cymru in the Swansea Bay area, for the rest of the day.

Arriving By Train

If arriving by train, you could use unibus services 8 or 10 towards Bay Campus, which stop across the road from the train station.

Arriving By Bus

If arriving in Swansea Bus Station, you can use unibus services 9A, X1, X5 or X7. Note that these services stop across the road from the campus.

Additionally, there is a bus no. 9, which runs along Oystermouth Road and Fabian Way and also stops at the Bay Campus.

For more information on local bus services check Public Transport Info Page.


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