Ph.D. Thesis


This thesis describes a theoretical study and an industrial application in the area of formal systems development, verification and formal testing using the specification language CSP-CASL. The latter is a comprehensive specification language which allows to describe systems in a combined algebraic / process algebraic notation. To this end it integrates the process algebra CSP and the algebraic specification language CASL. In this thesis we propose various formal development notions for CSP-CASL capable of capturing informal vertical and horizontal software development which we typically find in industrial applications. We provide proof techniques for such development notions and verification methodologies to prove interesting properties of reactive systems. We also propose a theoretical framework for formal testing from CSP-CASL specifications. Here, we present a conformance relation between a physical system and a CSP-CASL specification. In particular we study the relationship between CSP-CASL development notions and the implemented system. The proposed theoretical notions of formal system development, property verification and formal testing for CSP-CASL, have been successfully applied to two industrial application: an electronic payment system called EP2 and the starting system of the BR725 ROLLS-ROYCE jet engine control software.

PhD Thesis

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