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Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

Moved to Strathclyde

I have moved to sunny Glasgow and the Mathematically Structured Programming Group at the University of Strathclyde. My new home page can be found here. (The rest of this page is frozen in time; in particular, the list of publications below is out of date.)

PhD Student

I was a PhD student under the supervision of Anton Setzer, working in type theory.

Did you know that forgetting words in a foreign language has a left adjoint? To translate freely.

You can find my CV here.

Seminar series on realizability

More information about the seminar series on realizability here.

Last term, we had a seminar series on categorical logic.


Selected talks

Slide from Realisiability seminar My Summer in Munich: Extracting Haskell Programs.
Realizability Seminar, February 2013, Swansea.
Slide from LMU 2012 Internalising inductive-inductive definitions in Martin-Löf Type Theory.
TCS Oberseminar, November 2012, LMU Institut für Informatik, Munich, Germany.
Slide from BCTCS 2011 Elimination principles for initial dialgebras.
TYPES 2011, Bergen, Norway.
Slide from BCTCS 2011 A categorical semantics for inductive-inductive definitions.
CALCO 2011, Winchester, UK.
Title slide TYPES 2010 Interpreting inductive-inductive definitions as indexed inductive definitions.
TYPES 2010, Warsaw, Poland.
Slide from PECP 2010 Formalising inductive-inductive definitions.
Invited participant, Program Extraction and Constructive Proofs 2010, Brno, Czech Republic.
Slide from BCRCS 2010 Inductive-inductive definitions.
BCTCS 2010, Edinburgh, UK.
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