Reading Tool

Designed and developed a set of around device interactions with users to copy and paste content into the space around a device to perform tasks such as searching and clipboarding.


FYI Hyper local

Explored a collection of hyperlocal sites across South Wales that aim to support regeneration of communities. We evaluated and developed a methodology, identifying key concepts and recommendations towards future scalability and benefits of the approach.

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Archaeological Practice

Observations were performed at archaeology field schools as they provided a challenging environment and practice to introduce technology to. A wearable capture device for archaeologists was then designed and developed to support data capture on the site.


Video Capture Tool

Designed and developed a mobile application activated by sensors, to capture spontaneous video based research moments for later review. Evaluated the application in a long term diary study with researchers.


Virtual Bookshelf

Engaging users throughout the design, we developed a system to connect physical bookshelves to relevant documents on a computer to bring the two sources of information together.


Digital Story System

Through a series of focus groups a tangible way to share stories from the StoryBank system was created, incorporating a webcam barcode reader. An exhibition of the research was then shown to the public at the British Science Festival.



Designed as part of a team at the BBC connected studios hack event a mobile application to create new ways for people to engage with classical radio and appeal to a wider audience. The concept reached the development stage, down to two designs.