Computer Science, Swansea

Hi there! My name is Daniel Archambault, and I'm a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University. I finished both my master thesis and doctoral thesis at the University of British Columbia in graph visualization and before that I did an undergraduate at Queen's University at Kingston (not Belfast :)).

My primary interests are in data and information visualization, perceptual issues in visualization, and visual data analytics and mining. More specifically, I study graph visualization techniques, systems, and their effectiveness. My Master's thesis was in computational geometry and dealt with determining the set of all distant horizons of a terrain. My doctoral work consisted of several techniques to help visualize large graphs. I've since taken on many projects that involve applying perception or data mining/analytics techniques to visualization problems.

My email is: d [dot] w [dot] archambault [at] swansea [dot] ac [dot] uk


Here is a list of my current publications.