Adeline Paiement, MSc, MSc, PhD
Research Lecturer in Data Science at Swansea University

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My research is on computer vision and machine learning to develop algorithms for analysing scientific visual data. Its two main areas of application are astrophysics and healthcare. It addresses the specific challenges of scientific data, that sets them apart from the natural images traditionally used in computer vision. Examples of such challenges are low signal-to-noise ratios, high dynamic ranges combined with low contrasts, and the critical aspect of high reproducibility and interpretability. This interdisciplinary research is based on international collaborations with astrophysics and medical laboratories.

Astrophysics image analysis

AI-assisted healthcare

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I am co-organising the following workshops:


The ARDUOUS (Annotation of useR Data for UbiquitOUs Systems) workshop provides a ground for researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds to reflect on the challenges and possible resolutions of problems related to the annotation of data and the production of high quality and reusable annotated datasets.

ARDUOUS runs alongside PerCom and had two instances so far:


The CV-AAL (Computer Vision for Active and Assisted Living) workshop provides a platform for discussing problems and recent solutions associated with the development of AAL systems for real life settings.

CV-AAL runs alongside WACV and had one instance so far:


Short bio

I obtained an MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Strasbourg, and a diplome d'ingenieur (equivalent to an MSc in engineering and computer science) from ENSPS (now Telecom Physique Strasbourg) in 2008. After a short developer experience in the space robotics division of SciSys Ltd (Bristol, UK), I carried out a PhD in computer vision for medical image analysis with Prof. Mirmehdi at the University of Bristol, awarded in 2013. I then joined the SPHERE project as a postdoc, and worked on computer vision and machine learning methods for home health monitoring. Since October 2016, I have been a research lecturer in the computer science department of Swansea University. Drawing from my varied background, I am now continuing my research on computer vision and machine learning for scientific image analysis, with applications mainly to AI-assisted healthcare and astrophysics image analysis.

updated: 11/01/2018