About EuroVis 2014 at Swansea University

Eurovis 2014EuroVis 2014, hosted by Swansea University in the UK, was the
16th annual visualization gathering organized by the EuroGraphics Working
Group on Data Visualization and supported by the Visualization and Graphics
Technical Committee (VGTC). EuroVis has been a EuroGraphics and VGTC
co-supported international visualization symposium held in Europe annually
since 1999. In 2012 EuroVis graduated to a conference. The conference
attracted 258 delegate from 25 countries throughout the world.

Visualization is an increasingly important research area due to its
wide range of applications in many disciplines. In general, our ability
to collect, store, and archive big data vastly exceeds our ability derive
useful knowledge and insight from it. This is a ubiquitous problem.
Data visualization is key in gaining an understanding large, complex
data sets by exploiting the powerful human visual system. Data visualization
leverages computer graphics in order to provide a visual overview,
analyze, and present phenomena which is often difficult to understand.

The objective of EuroVis is to foster greater exchange between visualization
researchers and practitioners, and to draw more researchers and industry
partners in Europe to enter this rapidly growing area of research. EuroVis
has an expanded scope to include all areas of visualization, and a steadily
more wide-spread visibility that achieves a more wide-spread impact.

EuroVis papers are published as a special issue of Computer Graphics Forum,
(CGF) the International Journal of the EuroGraphics Association, using a
two-stage review process.

New to EuroVis 2014

For the first time in 2014, EuroVis also featured a survey paper track
(also known as State-of-the-Art Report, STAR) which aims to describe an
overview presentation of a particular sub-field of data visualization.
STAR papers are electronically archived and are fully citeable publications
which undergo a one-stage peer-review process by an international program
committee. A selection of STAR submissions is invited for a subsequent
submission to the CGF journal. Short papers featured two acceptance
categories: accept for oral presentation and accept as poster presentation.
This way, more presenters had the opportunity to showcase their work. This
year also featured a Workshops call for participation as well as a selection
of invited Computer Graphics Forum papers. Delicious Welsh cakes were served
daily. Freshly baked Welsh cakes have an addictive quality to them. EuroVis
takes place in the UK only once approximately every ten years, and was
located in historic Wales for the very first time, so were are grateful for
this opportunity.

The main conference was preceded by Workshops such as EuroVA 2014, the 5th
international EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics, which was held in
the same location on 8-10 June 2014. Other closely related workshops
were also be held. For more information, please visit the conference
web site at:


A selection of photos from the conference can be found here: