Virtual Secretary / Automatic Program Translation

Joanna Gooch / David Clark


Joanna Gooch: Virtual Secretary. A Knowledge-based User Interface for File Management

File organisation and file sharing are essential activities for every computer user. We propose a knowledge-based user interface, called a Virtual Secretary (VS), for file management. The system is designed to emulate the basic behaviour of a human secretary, and it allows a user to instruct the VS to perform tasks for managing files, instead of manipulating files directly through windows as with a conventional operating system. The system is supported by a knowledge base and a collection of agents, which are programs that manage and process the knowledge collected, and work behind the scene aiding gradual proliferation of knowledge.

In this talk, I will present my experience in designing and implementing a VS user interface, its system architecture, its knowledge base and a collection of agents. I will demonstrate that it is desirable as well as feasible to deploy a knowledge base in supporting an intelligent user interface that acts like a human assistant who handles paperwork, looks after filing, security and so on. I will also show that such a user interface has the potential to be evolved into a highly intelligent assistant to a user over a period of service and through the introduction of more intelligent agents.

David Clark: Automatic Program Translation

Translation between data formats, multimedia mark-up languages, modelling languages and programming languages are classic problems in computer science and software engineering. We will explore the two traditional approaches of direct translation and translation via an intermediate language along with a new approach, Independent Stylesheet Language Translation. ISLT employs a knowledge-based decision process and a mapping thesaurus to facilitate the transformation of data or program constructs from one language to another, based upon a single stylesheet for each language and a generic translator.
Tuesday 6th July 2004, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science