The story of two games: how to synthesise timed interface automata

Xu Wang

(Swansea University, formerly University of Oxford)

Synthesis of quantitative interfaces for components of cyber-physical systems
is an important research problem. This problem in its real-time case has been
previously tackled in the timed interface [2002] and timed specification
[2010] theories, where major restriction has to be imposed. In this talk we
show that a new theory, based a new timed interface/game model, can provide an
elegant solution to the problem without sacrificing generality. A key insight
of our theory lies in the discovery of a duality between the realisability and
compatibility games on timed interface automata. We envisage similar
techniques are also applicable to probabilistic and hybrid systems.

Friday 2nd October 2015, 15:30
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science