The Cyberterrorism Project

Stuart MacDonald

(Swansea University)

The Cyberterrorism Project ( is a multidisciplinary research project that examines a range of terrorists’ online activities and questions of response. It was established at Swansea University in 2011 by researchers from Law, Politics and Engineering, and has already published a number of research outputs and hosted international symposia. The project has also developed partnerships with Universities across the UK and Europe (in Norway, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Macedonia and Turkey) and beyond (Canada, Australia and the US) as well as other organisations including the Home Office, NATO’s Centre of Excellence on Defence Against Terrorism and the US Office for Naval Research Global. This seminar will begin by providing an overview of the project’s ethos and an outline of its research activities to date. The remainder of the seminar will present the project’s future research agenda and explore ideas and suggestions for potential future collaborations.
Monday 7th July 2014, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science