Ubiquitous Computing: Both a blessing and a curse?

Claudia Eckert


Ubiquitous computing is emerging rapidly as exciting new paradigm to provide computing and communication services all the time, everywhere. Its systems are now invading every aspect of life to the point that they are disappearing inside all sorts of appliances. This emergence is an outcome of research and technological advances in pervasive computing and communications, wireless networks, mobile computing and distributed computing. Ubiquitous computing offers a lot of new challenges and opportunities to enable new applications for instance in the area of ehealth. On the other hand, a lot of new problems arise. Especially, ubiquitous computing will aggravate our already existing security problems considerably. The talk aims at pointing at the gap between the blessings that might come with these new technologies and the security problems we should be aware of. The talk will then show by means of an example-scenario (e.g. identity management) that we are still far away from controlling today's security problems. Lots of challenging R&D topics are still under investigation. The talk will finally sketch some problems my research group is currently working on.
Thursday 20th May 2004, 15:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science