The Role of Domain Engineering in Software Development: Why Current Requirements Engineering is Flawed !

Dines Bjørner

(Technical University of Denmark)

We introduce the notion of domain descriptions (D) in order to
ensure that software (S) is right and is the right software, that
is, that it is correct with respect to written requirements (R) and
that it meets customer expectations (D).

The talk will show some formulas but they are really not meant
to be read by the speaker, let alone understood, during the talk,
by the listeners. They are merely there to bring home the point:
Professional software engineering, like other professional engin-
eering branches rely on and use mathematics.

And it is all very simple to learn and practise anyway !

We end this talk with, to some, perhaps, controversial remarks:
Requirements engineering, as pursued today, researched, taught
and practised, is outdated, is thus fundamentally flawed. We shall
justify this claim.
Tuesday 14th June 2011, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science