Retrieval and Navigation of Multimedia Information Using Content

Photograph of Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis


This talk is concerned with multimedia information handling. It will explore some of the problems of navigating from, to and around large digital multimedia collections by following and the problems of retrieving particular multimedia objects in response to queries. Although it will be mainly concerned with image collections, the issues and ideas often apply to other multimedia formats such as videos, 3-D models and audio. Keywords or metadata have historically provided the most effective vehicle for retrieving multimedia information from digital multimedia collections. Content-based image and video retrieval are very active research area and some of its benefits and limitations will be discussed. Attempts to address the limitations of these approaches through the development of integrated content, metadata and semantic based retrieval and navigation facilities will be described. The work involves applications to both museum collections and medical images and the use of semantic web technology to enhance the facilities provided.
Tuesday 17th February 2004, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science