Working with innovative 3D systems

Barry Blundell


There is increasing recognition that in the case of certain applications, such as medicine, engineering, and the sciences, the conventional flat-screen display is limiting the human-computer interaction process. A spectrum of alternative display technologies has been the subject of research for many years. However, all too often researchers have focused solely upon the visual characteristics of the display without considering new interaction opportunities that a display technique may offer. The speaker will give a brief, personal overview of some aspects of research he has carried out in this area during the course of the last fifteen years. Issues relating to the almost universal adoption of the flat-screen display paradigm will be examined, and volumetric display systems will be introduced. The speaker will focus upon one particular volumetric technology that he has developed, and some of the strengths and weaknesses of volumetric (and other) approaches will be highlighted. The speaker warns all attendees that this colloquium comes with a government health warning - this subject is multidisciplinary: hardware will be discussed...
Tuesday 3rd February 2004, 14:00
Board Room
Department of Computer Science