Living the Brand, or Branding the Community?

Photograph of Joyce Lewis

Joyce Lewis

(University of Southampton)

This presentation is about giving people the information to make the right choice. Not only do we want students to make the right choice when choosing a university department, we want to shape their choice at each stage of their engagement with us. But the process doesn't just begin when we engage with prospective students, staff, or partners, it exists at a much deeper level of our own community, with implications for our own sense of identity as a department or institution. Although marketing is now big business in universities, the potential for effecting change at a departmental level, even with limited resources, is still exciting. Furthermore, as students and parents gain increasing access to external information that will also influence their choices, it's important to remain in control of how that information will be understood. Topics covered in this talk include branding and messaging, brand-building, trust, community, relationship-building, new media v. traditional communications channels, outreach and business partnerships.
Tuesday 12th October 2010, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science