What Do You Know?: Improving student experience

Photograph of Robert Macredie

Robert Macredie

(Brunel University)

This talk will take a broad perspective on understanding how to 'deliver' an experience, through academic activities and university services, that fit students' needs. It will provide some high-level suggestions on how to go about developing activities and services from a student perspective, rather than what activities or services might be useful to develop or improve. The talk will also argue the value of using research into Customer Experience to help understand and respond to our students.

With over 15 years of research experience, Rob Macredie has worked with a range of organisations, ranging from large, blue-chip companies, through small businesses, to government agencies and charities. Rob's key research interest lies in the way in which people and organisations use technology, and his research aims to determine how work can be more effectively undertaken by improving the way that we understand how people and technology interact in organisational (and social) settings. He is Professor of Interactive Systems and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University, where his role spans all aspects of the Student Experience - sometimes to his colleagues' annoyance.
Tuesday 27th October 2009, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science