Improving Mobile Internet User Experience

Photograph of Virpi Roto

Virpi Roto

(Nokia Research)

Since working on the Minimap mobile Web browser 2004-05, our research team has been investigating more direct routes for people to utilize the Internet on mobile devices. In our mobile Internet user studies, we saw that people have too many interesting Web pages and service-specific widgets to handle smoothly on a mobile device. The more integrated, or linked, the Internet services are in the mobile device UI itself, the easier it is to use them. We went public with Linked Internet UI research concept just in September, and this talk will describe the user research and motivation behind the concept.

Dr. Virpi Roto is a Principal Scientist in Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, and currently a visiting researcher in Tampere University of Technology, Human-Centred Technology unit. Her PhD investigated why and how people use the Web on mobile phones and what are the factors affecting user experience in mobile Web browsing. Virpi Roto has organized workshops on Mobile Internet User Experience in conjunction with MobileHCI conference and is the guest editor of the brand new IJMHCI special issue on Mobile Internet User Experience.
Tuesday 20th October 2009, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science