Recent Developments in and around Coalgebraic Logics

Dirk Pattinson

(Imperial College, London)

Applications of modal logics are abundant in computer science, and a large number of structurally different modal logics have been successfully employed in a diverse spectrum of application contexts:
knowledge representation, reasoning about distributed and multi-agent systems and the verification of distributed systems. Coalgebraic semantics provides a uniform and encompassing view on the large variety of specific logics used in particular domains. The coalgebraic approach is generic and compositional: tools and techniques simultaneously apply to a large class of application areas and can moreover be combined in a modular way.

In particular, this facilitates a pick-and-choose approach to domain specific formalisms, applicable across the entire scope of application areas, leading to generic and feature-richsoftware tools that are easier to design, to implement, and to maintain.

This talk gives an introduction to coalgebraic logics, highlights some of the recent achievements, and demonstrates a proof-of-concept implementation.
Thursday 12th March 2009, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science