Analyzing TV crime story plots as games with mistaken beliefs

Benedikt Löwe

(ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

When are two stories the same? Is a remake of a movie 'identical' with the
original? Obviously, this depends on what features of the story you look
at. In this talk, we analyse stories by their doxastic structure, i.e., we
think of the storyline as a sequence of events and actions driven by
(potentially false) beliefs about the preferences of the other agents. We
then apply this formal model to the TV crime series "CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation", and identify a very small number of low-level doxastic
building blocks sufficient to construct the structure of these stories as
games with mistaken belief. The talk reports on joint work with Eric
Pacuit and Sanchit Saraf.
Thursday 20th November 2008, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science