Image manifolds: their representation and their use in IBR and robotics

Frederic Labrosse

(Aberystwyth University)

In this seminar, I will introduce the idea of image manifold (a "surface" in image space, the space containing all possible images of a given size, that encompasses all possible views of an object) and briefly talk about some of their good and not so good properties. I will then present two applications that can benefit from the idea of the image manifold. The first is image based rendering where any view of an object can easily be created if a continuous representation of its image manifold is available. I will discuss the issues in that area and what we are doing to solve them. The second application is that of mobile robotics and specifically visual navigation. I will show how local approximation of the manifold and sampling of it can be used in such task.
Tuesday 9th December 2008, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science