Collecting old computers - an obsession or a necessity?

Jim Austin

(The University of York)

I have been collecting computer systems for over 25 years, initially focussing on mainframes, super computers and mini computers. Later additions include home computers and smaller systems. The collection now numbers well over 450 machines, including parts of EDSAC II, Pegasus 2 as well as 4 complete Cray's and IBM mainframes and a Fujitsu supercomputer weighing many tonnes. These machines are stored in a number of sheds on the East Yorkshire Wolds. This talk will tell the story of the collection, highlighting some of the more interesting acquisitions. I will go on to address the reasons for collecting these systems - madness or an important undertaking. I will also bring along some interesting parts of some of the machines.
Thursday 12th February 2009, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science