The family of 4-phase latch controllers

Graham Birtwistle

(University of Sheffield)

This talk describes joint work with Ken Stevens (University of
Utah) on the design of 4-phase asynchronous latch controllers.

It is easy to argue for a specification of the most concurrent
possible protocol specification (there are mild restrictions),
express it as a simple state machine, and then examine how it
behaves when pipelined (single and parallel pipelines).

We then apply simple and clear rules to cut away states and
systematically uncover the family of related less state-rich
machines that still adhere to the 4-phase protocol and how
they behave when pipelined.

The cut rules allow us to order the whole family into a lattice
and relate and compare members. The approach is quite general
and would seem to be applicable to many other protocols.

No knowledge of asynchronous hardware design is required.
Thursday 5th June 2008, 15:00 (!)
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science