Beyond in situ consumption of a location-based experience: exploring everyday practices of geocaching

Kenton OHara

(HP Labs)

Geocaching is a location-based activity that has been
practiced for a number of years. As a sustained and established activity
it represents an important opportunity for understanding everyday
practices and motivations that can build up around a location-based
activity. I present findings from a field study of everyday geocaching
behaviour. In contrast to previous work, the presented research will
take a broad perspective on the activity focusing beyond the in situ
/consumption/ of these experiences. It looks, too, at the practices and
motivations surrounding participants’ /creation/ of these experiences.
Further, I will examine these behaviours within the social context of
the on-line community that provides a significant basis for many of
these behaviours. In light of the findings I will go on to discuss some
of the broader implications for location-based experiences.
Tuesday 22nd April 2008, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science