Surviving culture clash!

Harold Thimbleby

(University College London Interaction Centre (UCLIC))

Computing technology is supposed to be magic and do all things well. Secretly, though, we admit our programs don't work and we can't use even 'simple' systems easily. This seminar will discuss two symtoms of this: the broken programs described in the programming literature, and the low usability of consumer products, which run these broken programs. The seminar will then introduce two new tools to solve all known problems: yes, computers are magic!

The tools will be of interest to people who like Java, XML, TeX and Mathematica, and who hate user interfaces. But no prior knowledge of such systems will be needed.

Harold Thimbleby is Director of UCLIC, the UCL Interaction Centre. He is also Gresham Professor of Geometry and a Royal Society-Wolfson research merit award holder.
Tuesday 20th May 2003, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science