Supercomputing Quarks

Simon Hands

(Swansea University)

Lattice gauge theory (LGT) simulations are currently our best theoretical technique for understanding the strong interaction responsible for binding nucleons (protons and neutrons) within nuclei, and quarks and gluons within nucleons. I will review LGT and the physics it addresses focussing on the numerical methods used, and attempt to explain why LGT has become a "Grand Challenge" project requiring the dedicated use of the world's most powerful computers. One such machine, the APEMille, capable of a sustained performance of 20 Gflops, has just arrived on level 4 of the Vivian Tower, and will be used by the Swansea theory group to study the strong interaction under extreme conditions of pressure and density.
Thursday 10th May 2001, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science