Spatial Hypertext - Helping organise things you find

Photograph of George Buchanan

George Buchanan


Hypertext is familiar as documents interlinked, or connected by a graph of hyperlinks. In spatial hypertext, documents exist in a visual space and are connected visually - e.g. by being found close to each other. Whereas classical hypertext has become synonymous with reading and finding, spatial hypertext has a strong association with organising what the reader finds. Similarly, whereas connections are merely used by a reader of classical hypertext, the user in spatial hypertext is continually creating them. The key challenges in spatial hypertext centre around interpreting the visual organisation being done by the user, and then discovering how to exploit that organisation

In this seminar, I will discuss a number of the research challenges in spatial hypertext, and demonstrate some of the solutions to these that I have been exploring.
Tuesday 11th October 2005, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science