Computational meaning of topological notions.

Photograph of Peter Hancock

Peter Hancock


The notion of interaction structure has two concrete computational applications

* representation of RPC interfaces

* representation of multi-sorted algebraic signatures. The most natural notion of morphism between interaction structures corresponds closely to the notion of downward or forward simulation.

An interaction structure gives rise to a basic topology in Sambin's terminology, which is basically a pair of closure and interior operators that have good mutual behaviour. But basic topology lacks a good notion of intersection, and the distinction between a point and a closed set. By adding some further structure, one arrives at "real topology", with a complete Heyting algebra of open sets, etc.

The talk will offer my opinion about what this extra structure means in computational terms: a form of restartability.
Thursday 14th April 2005, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science