PREMO - An emerging ISO/IEC standard for multi-media applications

David Duce

(Rutherford Laboratory)

There is an activity in ISO/IEC SC24, the standards committee responsible for computer graphics and image processing, to develop a new standard called PREMO, PResentation Environment for Multi-media Objects, aimed at providing an extensible programming environment for multi-media applications. This seminar will describe the motivation for PREMO and the current state of the development, and some of the difficulties of standardizing Functionality in this area.

There has been some work to develop a formal description of the PREMO object model and the PREMO functionality for managing time and synchronization. This work, which is being carried out by the presenter and others in the ERCIM Computer Graphics Network, will also be described. The approach taken uses a combination of the Z and Object-Z notations.
Tuesday 24th October 1995, 14:30
Seminar Room 322
Department of Computer Science