LATOS - A Lightweight Animation Tool for Operational Semantics

Pieter Hartel

(University of Southampton)

A lightweight tool is proposed to aid in the development of operational semantics. To use latos, an operational semantics must be expressed in its meta-language, which itself is a superset of Miranda. The latos compiler is smaller than comparable tools, yet latos is powerful enough to support publication quality rendering using LaTeX, fast enough to provide competitive execution and animation using Miranda or Haskell, and versatile enough to support derivation tree browsing using Netscape. Latos has been applied to a Java Secure Processor, which is a version of the Java Virtual Machine intended to run on smart cards. Latos has also been used with subsets of various programming languages. Latos is unique in that it helps to check that a specification is operationally conservative.
Tuesday 27th January 1998, 14:30
Seminar Room 322
Department of Computer Science