Nonisothermal Flow of Polymeric Fluids

Peter Wapperom

(Université de Louvain-la-neuve)

Polymeric fluids may demonstrate both elastic and viscous behaviour, depending on the rate of deformation. Most theoretical and numerical work is restricted to isothermal flow. However, almost all industrial flows of polymeric fluids are nonisothermal, and, because of the strong dependence on temperature of the material properties, a good description of nonisothermal behaviour is needed.

With the aid of thermodynamics of irreversible processes, the various nonisothermal effects that have been observed in experiments can be derived for polymeric fluids. Due to the elastic behaviour of these fluids the nonisothermal effects will differ from that of the well-known inelastic fluids. These additional effects will be discussed in the thermodynamical framework and clarified with the help of simple examples and experimental observations.

The magnitude of the various nonisothermal effects will be discussed with the aid of numerical simulations. To clearly clarify and distinguish these effects both a simple and a complex flow will be considered.
Tuesday 10th November 1998, 15:00
Seminar Room 322
Department of Computer Science