PSEs and The Grid: More Than Just a Pretty (Inter)Face

David Walker


This talk will give an overview of research at Cardiff University into distributed problem-solving environments for science and engineering, and place it in the broader context of the emerging field of Grid computing. Our work has focused on three closely related areas. The first is the development of a visual collaborative code composition environment based on software components. The second area is the specification of a component model in XML. The XML description of a component must represent the hierarchical structure of the component, and the component interface, as well as other information that might be useful in scheduling and running the component. The third area is the wrapping of legacy code for use as components in CORBA and Java environments, and a system for automatically wrapping complete C libraries as Java components will be described. The interaction of the XML component specification with Grid infrastructure for discovering and scheduling resources will also be considered.
Tuesday 26th February 2002, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science