RealityGrid: A Distributed Reality Centre on the Grid.

John Brooke


I describe a project aimed at providing computational scientists for doing remote steering and visualization of massively parallel computations over a Computational Grid. Grids are large collaborations of multiple resources, computers, sensors, visualization facilities, databases etc..which can be accessed by the end-user as a single virtual resource with a simple sign-in to the whole range of resources. I describe work in an EPSRC Pilot Project called RealityGrid that is applying Grid technology to the investigation of soft condensed matter physics and chemistry. The applications are in the oil extraction industry and in biological modelling of large and complex molecules. As well as describing the project plans, I will give a detailed account of a working steering application which is the first large scale application to utilise the proposed Open Grid Services Architecture. For more details see the Web references below. I will also include an introductory section on Grid computing and why this is a topic of such interest in Computer Science at the present time, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with Grid technology and concepts.
Thursday 5th December 2002, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science