Playing games with UML tools

Perdita Stevens


Modern software development processes openly acknowledge what software designers have always whispered: software design is not done as a monolithic phase between analysis and implementation. Rather, the process of designing software is incremental, experimental, often concurrent, and interleaved with other activities. It is a game, in the sense that it involves strategising, exploring options, balancing objectives - and in the sense that it can be fun to do in groups!

At the same time the market for object-oriented software design tools has expanded and become more competitive, largely because of the emergence of the Unified Modelling Language as dominant design notation. Yet, I will claim, these two thematic changes in the community's view of software design, embodied in methodologies and tools respectively, do not yet seem to be harmonious. I will discuss the implications for future tools, and will explain how I think formal techniques can contribute to improving them.
Tuesday 12th November 2002, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science