Engineering of Human-Computer Interaction

Parisa Eslambolchilar

(Swansea University)

As the technology grows the gap between what the human user wants and what
the designer develops and delivers to the user grows more. What
distinguishes interactive systems from the other classes of systems is the
user and usability of the system. However, many successful computer
interfaces that have been developed based on many experimental tests over
a considerable amount of time their results cannot be generalised even to
similar interfaces.

This talk highlights the fact that we need a solid theoretical foundation
that combines an understanding of the content of use with particular
attention to the details of interaction and human behaviour, supported by
robust interaction architecture. This talk argues that engineering of
interaction based on control theory, which have been overlooked in
Human-Computer Interaction research, is one possible solution.
Tuesday 15th May 2007, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science