Negotiated, mobile interaction: model-based approaches which allow

Roderick Murray-Smith

(Glasgow University)

I will present an approach to the design of interaction which uses
dynamic systems theory to design and calibrate the closed-loop behaviour
of instrumented hand-held systems with which the user interacts in a
continuous fashion. I will look at multimodal feedback loops, which also
support feedback of uncertain information, making this approach useful
for incorporation of machine learned models, or Bayesian networks.
Examples will be given which run on PocketPCs instrumented with
accelerometers and GPS, and which use both audio (granular synthesis)
and vibrotactile feedback. Further examples will look at synchronization
effects in walking behaviour during mobile phone conversations,
text-entry in Brain-Computer interfaces and continuous, uncertain
interaction with information at spatial locations in our gpsTunes
Tuesday 27th February 2007, 14:00
Robert Recorde Room
Department of Computer Science