Monday 6 April

AlgUK Session on Railway Verification

13:30 Simon Chadwick (Siemens Rail UK)
Formal Verification - The Journey from Theory towards Practice
14:15 Helen Treharne (Surrey)
Title TBA
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Jan Peleska (Bremen)
Title TBA
16:15 Bas Luttik (Eindhoven)
Title TBA
17:00 Reception

Evening Public Lecture: "The History and Legacy of Formal Methods for Software Engineering"

18:00 Tom Maibaum (McMaster)
18:10 Cliff Jones (Newcastle)
What do we mean by "Formal Methods"?
18:45 John Tucker (Swansea)
HoCC: The History of Computing Collection
19:20 Panel Discussion

Tuesday 7 April

AlgoUK session on Algorithmics

09:30 Kristina Vuskovic (Leeds)
The induced disjoint paths problem on (theta, wheel)-free graphs
10:15 Patrick Totzke (Liverpool)
Playing with counters: how to solve games on infinite arenas
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Edith Elkind (Oxford)
Hedonic diversity games
12:15 MS Ramanujan (Warwick)
Title TBA
13:00 Lunch

LMS Keynote Speaker in Discrete Mathematics

14:30 Robert Constable (Cornell)
Implementing Elements of Intuitionistic Mathematics in Nuprl
15:30 Coffee

Contributed Talks

16:00 Contributed Talks
16:30 Contributed Talks
17:00 Contributed Talks
17:30 BCTCS Ordinary General Meeting (30 minutes)
19:00 Conference Banquet

Wednesday 8 April

Contributed Talks

09:00 Contributed Talks
09:30 Contributed Talks
10:00 Contributed Talks
10:30 Contributed Talks
11:00 Coffee

Invited Speaker

11:30 David Manlove (Glasgow)
Assigning junior doctors to hospitals - what makes it so hard?
12:30 Lunch

Contributed Talks

14:00 Contributed Talks
14:30 Contributed Talks
15:00 Contributed Talks
15:30 Contributed Talks
16:00 Close


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